Unfulfilled With Work…?

In 2011, I met one of my greatest teachers.

When we met, I just came from backpacking
across Mexico and had nothing.

I barely had $50 to my name.

Just my backpack with a few clothes,
after having everything stolen from
me in Nicaragua.

(Yeah… I needed that to teach me
a priceless lesson. You gotta hear
this story!)

When I met my mentor, Ted McGrath, in
San Diego, he saw something in me.

We continued to stay in touch, and very
quickly, he invited me to move in with him.

The exchange was clear:

I would help him build his coaching company,
with the skills I have online.

And he would teach me, house me, take me
under his wing, and bring me into his
million dollar lifestyle in San Diego.

He gave me everything.

But more important than the lifestyle
and abundance in every way…

Was what I learned from him.

He is very gifted at helping thought-
leaders and business owners make a
bigger impact in the world.

I learned the very skills that have now
helped Ayahuasca Healings be the
international movement that it is.

The point is:

Near the end of our mentorship…

I had choice.

He offered me to be a partner in his
company, which I KNEW would become a very
successful multi-million dollar brand.

(And it now is)


I could leave with the information that
he taught me and go my own way.

On one hand, there was guaranteed
success and financial abundance.

On the other hand, was my purpose and
true calling.

But honestly, I had no idea what to do.

I went through such an internal struggle.

My mind was telling me to stay.

My heart was telling me to go.

There was everything I thought I wanted,
presented to me on a silver platter.

The money. The lifestyle. The security…

And on the other hand:

Was complete uncertainty.

I had no idea where the other path
would lead me.

All I knew…

Was that staying with Ted and becoming
a partner…

Just didn’t feel completely right.

Although it was 98% of what I wanted…

It wasn’t 100%.

So… I went inside.

Meditation was my saving grace.

I calmed my mind which was so anxious
and unsure…

I found a stillness.

And was whispered the words…

“Never settle for anything less than
what you really want”

I heard the voice of my Heart.

After calming the mind, which was
telling me to choose the money…

It became so loud and clear.

I had to go.

I had to follow my heart.

I had to find what I was really
here to do.

And fulfill my own purpose.


Was one of the hardest and BEST
decisions of my entire life.

Because here’s the point:

If you’re stuck in an unfulfilled
career, or finding yourself feeling
trapped by society, bills or needing
to make money…

There IS a way out.

And NOTHING is more important, than
listening to your heart.

Even if that means making less money
(or no money for now).

Most important, is your JOY and FREEDOM.

So the question is…

How do you listen to your heart?

Especially when the mind can be so

And the mental programs, and societal
expectations can make it so hard…?




This is the ONLY way I know, of how
to calm the mind, so we can truly
listen to the Heart.

And there is NOTHING more important.

Because the Heart is our compass, and
our greatest teacher.

You need to calm the mind to be able
to listen.

And this is meditation’s greatest gift
to us.

When you learn to listen to your Heart…

And ignore the fear…

You’ve found the secret to the life
of your dreams.

So, I share this story, praying it
paints the picture of how important
meditation truly is.

Especially if you want to find your
deepest fulfillment in life.

It’s the only way.

[To be continued..]

With SO much love, here to point the way inside,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

By making the choice I did, and choosing
to listen to my Heart over anything else…

I found my purpose.

And my deepest fulfillment.

You will, too.

If you make meditation a focus in your life.

But more important…

Is how to overcome the fears that get in our way.

More on this, in my next email!

Keep your eye out for it!

Much love!!

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Why We NEED To Meditate…

I just finished a 7 day intensive breathwork
retreat, here in Guatemala.

I also just moved here with my beautiful
beloved and our coming baby (Yay!!)

Life is…

Stressful. Hard. And intense.

Well, it is when I don’t meditate.

You see, as with any retreat where we really
commit ourselves to healing, growing and
evolving as individuals and souls on this path…

It always brings up and shows us what we
need to work on most.

For me, it is really preparing me for what
it means to be a father.

Particularly, I am seeing how I need to learn
to really give to myself first, before giving
to others.

What do I mean by that?

Most importantly, with how I start my day.

Having just moved to Guatemala, and with my
beloved being pregnant, there is so much to do.

Everything from getting furniture, preparing
our home, cleaning, daily household tasks,
running this organization, and the list goes on.

You know what I mean. The endless list of
things to do.

Where it seems like we cross one thing off
our list, and two more are added.

So instead of starting my day with meditation
like I’m used to, which is SO important to me…

I’ve been getting sucked into the vortex of
“doing” right from the moment I wake up.

And it just takes me… throughout my whole
day until night falls and I’m exhausted.

Rinse and repeat.

Fortunately, this retreat has shown me so
clearly how I can NO LONGER do that.

How I NEED to start my day from a place
of stillness. Filling my own cup first.

Or else, the stresses of life just become
overwhelming to me.

And this retreat has intensified everything,
forcing me to a place where the ONLY thing
I can do… is go inside.

And when I do…

I see.

Life doesn’t have to be so stressful.

It doesn’t have to feel like I never
have time for myself…

Yes, there is ALWAYS something more to do.

It doesn’t matter what’s happening in
our lives.

There is always something else to do…
If we let it.

But meditation is the key that ultimately
shows us…

Life doesn’t have to be that way.

It doesn’t need to feel like you’re almost
drowning, gasping for air, looking for a
moment for yourself.

We don’t need to feel like machines, doing
things just because we have to, not even
enjoying them…

And most importantly:

Life doesn’t need to be so stressful
or such a struggle!

Meditation shows us…

How to slow down.

How to take a breath and enjoy.


How to not get so stressed out about
the little things.

How to stop being so run by our minds,
constantly “doing,” thinking of the
next thing we need to do…

And it really shows us the path to
living in peace.

Right here. Right now.

Your unique journey to the inner peace your
soul craves, is only available and shown
to you when you go inside and listen.

Meditation shows you the way.

To the inner peace, love, joy, presence, and
how to enjoy life more than you ever have.

No matter what you have to “do” or what
your “responsibilities” are…

… this deep state of inner peace and
JOY is truly available to you.

With meditation.

This is what it’s done for me.

And whenever I forget, or get caught up
with all the things life demands…

I am reminded.

Life does NOT need to be so stressful.

And we truly can have balance in life.

So I share this message with you today!

Praying this inspires you to see a different
way of living for yourself.

A life where you are NOT run by your mind.

And planting the seed, reminding you that
life is meant to be ENJOYED.

Beyond Ayahuasca, there is nothing more
valuable than meditation, to help you go
from where you are… to where you want to be.

Especially when it comes to creating your
dream life.

What do I mean by that?

I have a great story for you!

In my next email!

[To be continued..]

With SO much love, so grateful for this journey together,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

About 10 years ago, when I first started
to learn about meditation…

I had no idea what I wanted to do with
my life.

I was brainwashed by society to think
money was going to make me happy.

But it didn’t.

And I felt more lost and confused than


I found meditation.

And everything changed…

Finding this gift was the first step in
creating this life of love, joy, freedom,
and service, that I now live every day.

You have to hear this story.

We’ll speak again soon!

Much love!!

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My Biggest Struggle After Peru…

It’s December of 2013.

I just landed in Vancouver, Canada after living
in Peru for 9 months.

I just had the most life-changing period of my life.

There is a joy, a fullness, a LOVE of life and
an excitement for all unfolding around me.

But like a kid excited for Christmas, waking up
to no presents under the tree, I went home…

By this time, it’s been over 3 years since
I was last in Vancouver.

I was excited to see my family, but what happened
to me, I wasn’t even close to prepared for.

I was just living in Peru, doing the deepest
healing and medicine work.

I didn’t realize how open and sensitive I
was energetically.

All of a sudden, when I was back in Vancouver,
all my love, joy and excitement was clouded
over by a deep sadness. Depression, even.

I didn’t know why.

I thought something was wrong with me.

But one day sitting in meditation, I saw:

The emotion I was feeling wasn’t my own.

It was the density – the heaviness – of the city.

It’s like I could feel everybody’s anxiety, sadness,
depression, discomfort and even emptiness.

For an entire month, the only thing that helped me
was meditation. I’m so grateful I had this…

It was my savior beyond belief, and if you don’t
already have a meditation practice, I recommend
it more than anything.

I’ll share more about this in my next email.

The point is –

I learned so much during this time.

Especially, how to protect myself from other
people’s energies.

And I realized:

So many people go to Peru to experience Ayahuasca,
I’m SURE I’m not the only person who has a hard
time coming back to the “city life”.

And this is when I saw so clearly, how people
NEED support after their Ayahuasca retreats.

So many retreat centers just send people off after
their retreat and there is no follow-up.

This is irresponsible in my opinion.

And this is when I saw, as we were creating our
first Ayahuasca center at the time, we HAVE to
support our guests after their retreat.

This is why when you come to our healing center
in Peru, we give you this much-needed and
widely-forgotten piece to your healing:

Post-retreat integration and support.

This is even MORE important than having a
good retreat.

And why many people choose our retreat
over any other.

I just heard from Selina, one of the amazing
leaders of our retreats, that a guest just
came to our retreat for the third time.

That says a lot.

So join us.

If you feel our heart, our passion, and our
commitment to providing the most valuable
and transformational retreat possible.

This is for you.

We’ll speak again soon!

With so much love!

[To be continued..]

From the depths of my heart to yours,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

There is one thing that I am as passionate
about sharing with others, as much as I am
with Ayahuasca…

It’s Meditation.


What does it really do for us?

Is the goal to really silence our mind?

No, no…

Let me share more with you in my next email.

This one will be good!

Much love!!

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What I Learned After 30 Ayahuasca Ceremonies…

In 2013, I lived in Peru for 9 months.

I sat in ceremony almost every single week.

It was the most intense, powerful, challenging
and transformational year I’ve ever had.

Week after week, ceremony after ceremony, I
couldn’t help but keep coming back.

I didn’t do it because I “wanted to” exactly.

I did it because I knew I had to.

I didn’t do it because it was “fun”.

Because it wasn’t.

I did it because at the end of every single
ceremony, I felt something unlike I’ve ever
felt before.

There was a deep transformation happening.

Like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon,
I could feel this year, 2013, was my time
in the chrysalis.

I barely did anything that year but sit in
ceremony, process, write, and share with
others who were on the same journey.

People from all over the world were called
to Peru for the same reason I was.

To heal.

To let go of all the layers that no longer serve us.

And to step into who we are really here to be
in the world.

I learned only the serious come to Peru.

Those who are truly serious about their inner
work and releasing our own blocks so we
could get out of our own way.

I watched countless people – hundreds upon
hundreds – come to Peru as one being, and
leave as somebody else. More whole.

What did over 30 Ayahuasca ceremonies in
one year teach me?

What was my greatest lesson from that all?

Ultimately, I saw that there are so many
layers of unconsciousness, limiting beliefs,
fears and self-sabotage that we all carry.

Pain, trauma, wounds and memories that are
buried within our subconscious that effect
us every single day.

In every situation.

Every time we react in anger or we get upset –
our beliefs, perspective of the world and our
PAST is what is behind it all.

And naturally, when we clean up our past, we
become a completely different being NOW.

How we react to situations, changes.

We’re not as easily triggered or made upset.

The things that used to anger us no longer do.

And we could watch life unfold before us, even
if things aren’t “going our way” and remain
calm, centered, peaceful and happy.

When we heal the limiting beliefs that we picked
up from our childhood…

And we really look at the value system that our
society taught us…

Layer by layer, Ayahuasca unravels us like an

Until eventually, you get to the Core. The Truth.
Who You Really Are.

Layers of illusion, limiting beliefs and unhealthy
thought patterns are purified.

The result:

We are so much happier. Present. Loving. Calm.

And following our heart, our deepest calling,
and our purpose becomes automatic.

It’s like she showed me the blueprint out of

And now, with this blueprint, I live it in my
every day life.

Equipped with the tools to handle any and every
situation from a place of consciousness and love.


Is what Mother Ayahuasca has given me.

And after 30 ceremonies in one year, I learned:

This journey never ends.

This isn’t something we do once. And then we’re done.

This isn’t about coming to Peru, and then everything
will be fixed.

No, this is about a life-long commitment to Truth.
To Consciousness. And living as the most self-aware
being that we possibly could be. Every day.

If this is the path you are on, then we are here
for you.

We aren’t here for people who want a “quick fix”.

Because there’s no such thing.

So join us in Peru.

If you’re ready to really make this commitment to
yourself. And let us, and this medicine, speed up
your journey unlike anything else.

“It’s like 10 years of therapy in a single night,”
I heard someone say in an Ayahuasca documentary.

We’ll speak to you again soon!

[To be continued..]

With SO much love, so grateful for this journey together,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

When I came back to Vancouver, Canada after
living in Peru for 9 months…

It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.


What happened to me?

And most importantly, how does this apply to you
after you come to Peru and return back home?

Very valuable lesson, I’ll share in my next email!

Much love!!

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How Ayahuasca Shows Us Our Purpose…


Check out this video:

(Click the image below to watch)

After a beautiful Ayahuasca ceremony in Peru,
I filmed this video, with so much love in my heart
and so deeply connected to the teachings that were
shown to me.

Mother Ayahuasca gave me Purpose after I had been
searching, asking and seeking for so long.

Enjoy this video! And I pray that it inspires your
journey forward, into your Self and your True Path
on this planet.

With so much love!

We’ll speak again soon!

[To be continued..]

So grateful for you and this journey you’re on,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

When I was first living in Peru, I stayed there
for about 9 months and sit in ceremony almost
every week…

What did I learn?

What did that do for me?

And what is the greatest lesson from all of it?

I’ll share that with you in my next email!

Much love!!

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This, She Promises You…

He said, as we sat around in a circle:

“She doesn’t always give you what you want,
but She will always gives you what you need”

Wise words from the Shaman who served me my
first cup of Ayahuasca.

Back in 2013, when I first found this medicine –

I seemed to keep coming back to this question in the
middle of every ceremony:

… “Why am I doing this to myself?!”

It is nowhere close to pleasant. Not something you
do at all just because you’re curious.

Only if you have a deep desire to live as the brightest,
happiest, most fulfilled loving version of YOU that
you possibly could be – is this medicine for you.

During my first 5-10 Ayahuasca ceremonies, all
I remember is vague memories of laying on the
ground, crying, shaking, vomiting…

Releasing SO much there are truly no words that
can summarize the depth of processing and
liberation that was given to me.

I was called to this medicine.

And I was asked to dedicate my life to healing.

Ceremony after ceremony…

It never seemed to get easier.

I thought so many times:

“This is my last ceremony”

Or, “I’m never doing this again”

Despite how hard it would be in the middle of each
ceremony, how much my ego held on and my mind

By the end of the night, I would always feel lighter
than I’ve ever felt before.

More clear. More of ME.

Who I Really Am.

I would get a glimpse into the True SELF.

The infinite stillness and peace of the One I AM Presence.

And no matter how hard a ceremony was, by the
end of it I was always happier and more filled with
JOY than anything I’ve ever experienced before.

Mother Ayahuasca opened up a depth of LOVE
and gratitude for life that no words could ever
fully express.

So I could look back at all the challenges, all the
things that have happened in my life, and I could
feel nothing but gratitude for them.

Seeing how they all played such a vital role in my life,
my evolution, and for me to grow to be who I am today.

All the things I’ve regretted.

All the things I’m not happy about in my life.

All the relationships that weren’t healthy…

Addictions. Self-sabatoge. Unconscious patterns.

She showed me all of it. Layer by layer.

And through seeing… the healing would be automatic.

My journey with Mother Ayahuasca was one
of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

And at the same time, nothing has ever been more
valuable to me.

“She doesn’t always give you what you want,
but she ALWAYS gives you what you need”

I pray this story inspires you to take this step forward
and no matter what you need to do to make this
happen for yourself, do it.

It will be one of the greatest things you’ve ever
done for yourself. Period.

We’re here for you.

Whenever you’re ready. Come join us.

We’ll speak to you again soon!

[To be continued..]

With so much love, so grateful to share my story and inspire yours,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

I’ve been speaking about purpose, and I just
remembered this amazing video that I filmed
in Peru after a beautiful ceremony.

Sharing valuable insights from my ceremony
and how this medicine truly helps us discover
our deepest purpose in life.

I’ll share that with you in my next email!

Speak to you soon!


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How to Handle Other People’s Expectation of You

“And now I will do what is best for me”

I just read this quote, and it triggered
something so deep inside of me.

I have someone very close in my life,
who is having a really hard time…

And it’s so hard to see.

I love this person so much.

And I see her struggling, suffering,
and not happy.

Because she is torn.

Between what she wants… the life that
she desires deep inside…

And what her family wants of her.

She is pressured, every day. Judged and
even mocked in a “loving” family way.

All her family expects of her, is to make
money, and live a “normal” life.

They don’t care what makes her happy,
or what she really wants…

All they care about is what THEY want
FOR her.

It’s so sad to see.

And what’s even harder for me…

Is to know –

That so many of you are in this reality.

You want one thing.

You want to do ________ with your life, and
whatever that may be, I’m here to tell you…


It’s AMAZING that you want to heal the
world, or travel, or quit your job, or not
go to school, or whatever!

I’m sure, so many people around you,
when you tell them what you really
want to do, or how you really feel…

They don’t understand.

They don’t hear you.

And you’re left feeling like, what’s the
point? Why tell them?

So you stop opening up to them, and stop
sharing what you really feel deep inside.

Leaving you alone, missing someone
to open up to, fully.

And I know, for so many of you, there are
but just a few people around you, who you
can really share your deepest heart’s truth,
and highest ambitions with.

But I am here.

We are here.

As your family.

As the community you’ve been looking for.

To remind you…

There are SO many people out there.

Living the exact life you want to live.


Because they stopped caring about what
other people think about them.

They stopped letting other people’s
expectations, rule how they live their life.

And they finally took the leap of faith, to
follow their own heart, no matter what
other people thought.

This is your chance.

In fact, every day is your chance.

To finally step into the life you’ve
wanted to live.

Let this be your message of inspiration
for today. And every day.

Don’t let other people tell you what is
most important to you.

Only you can know.

And only YOU, can take the actions needed,
to make sure you live the life you’re here to live.

Nobody else.

Your life isn’t going to change if you just
“wait” for it to.

No, it takes your trust, your faith, and your
ACTION to step into the life you know
you’re here to live.

“When you are born in a world you don’t fit in;
it’s because you were born to help create a new one”

So, what are you doing, to create the life
you really want deep inside?

Stop waiting.

The time has come, to stop sitting around,
hoping things change…

But to BE the CHANGE you wish to see in the world.

That starts with YOU.

Follow your heart. Follow your highest truth.

And finally do something, that you’ve
wanted to do for so long.

In doing so, you give everybody else permission,
to also follow their heart.

We’re here for you.

You’re not alone.

And remember, only together, is creating
the New Earth possible.

So, keep walking this path, do the work
to heal yourself, and together we’ll heal
the planet.

Join us in Peru.

And we’ll speak to again soon!

With so much love!

[To be continued..]

Here for you, more than you could even imagine,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

One of the greatest ways to describe your
experience with Ayahuasca is:

“It will be nothing like what you expect,
but everything that you need”

A dear sister once said this to a guest
who registered for our retreat, and I
couldn’t have said it better myself.

My first 5-10 Ayahuasca ceremonies
were nothing like I expected…

But they were the most powerful,
life-changing thing I’ve ever experienced.

Many times I thought I’m never doing
this again, but I kept coming back…

Why? What happened to me?

I’ll share more about this in my next

Much love!!

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How to Discover Your Purpose…

I didn’t always know my purpose…

And honestly, it wasn’t easy to find it out either.

But there was one thing that I later learned
was the key to discovering my deepest purpose…

Back in 2010, I left my hometown of Vancouver
Canada, after discovering that money isn’t what
really makes me happy.

(Despite what we are brainwashed to think)

I traveled, I searched, I looked and I wanted
nothing more than to really know… why I am
here on this planet.

I knew I was here to make a difference. I knew
deep down inside I was here to help people and
make the world a better place, somehow…

But I had no idea how.

I had a sense – like we all do, deep inside –
and for me, I got glimpse that I was here to teach.

But after learning from teacher after teacher,
traveling the world discovering so much about
myself, after years of searching, I didn’t feel
any closer.

I was frustrated and disappointed. I put so much
energy into asking the questions and seeking:

What is my purpose in life?

What am I really here to do?

Many times, I wanted to give up. I was honestly
so close to just going back home and getting a
job, living the life in a box that my parents
wanted for me.

But I couldn’t stand the idea of living the
same day, again and again.

And as frustrated as I was, I kept searching.

Until eventually, 3 years later, I ended up in
Peru and found Mother Ayahuasca.

And this blessed teacher taught me and showed
me exactly what I am here to do with my life
to share and live my gifts in the world.

You know what was the KEY to discovering
my purpose?

Yes, Mother Ayahuasca is so helpful…

But it’s something so much more than that.

It is the TRAIT:

Of never giving up.

Of prioritizing your purpose above ALL ELSE.

And never settling for less than what you
really want, deep down inside.

So many of us…

Settle for a life that we are silently unhappy
with. Whether that’s with a job, a relationship,
or our own fitness, health and diet.

But if you really want to know your purpose –

You CAN NOT settle.

For anything less than what you really want.

When you show the Universe that this is the
most important thing to you…

That is the only time you will ever know
what your deepest purpose in life really is.

So, take this step.

Come to Peru.

And really LIVE the fact that there is nothing
more important to you than knowing your life’s

If it isn’t that important to you…

And you’re okay with this silent voice inside
that will never stop until you discover your

Then you can put this off.

But, if you really want to know your purpose,
and the deepest fulfillment and joy that that
brings you, then join us.

We’ll talk again soon!

[To be continued..]

With so much love, here to help you discover your deepest truth,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

Sometimes, other people’s expectations of
you can be the biggest obstacle to really living
the life that you really want.

Whether that’s your family or friends, deep down
inside we are programmed to care about what people
think about us.

And more so, to “make people happy”.

As a result, so many of us live a life that someone
else wants for us.

Sacrificing our own joy and deepest fulfillment.

How can you let go of other people’s expectations
of you?

I’ll go into this in my next email.

Much love!!

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What is The Purpose of Life?

I didn’t always know my purpose.

One day, in 2013, during one of the most memorable
Ayahuasca ceremonies of my life…

I was presented with this question:

What is the purpose of life?

And all I saw, was a big question mark.

This question mark, was the entire theme of my
ceremony. And it was like a story was played out
in front of me.

This question was answered little by little, one piece
at a time, until it culminated to a final answer.

“What is the purpose of life?” I asked.

I was shown all these experiences from my past,
and the first answer that arose was…

“To grow”

To learn and evolve, to be the best that we can be.
Or more so, more of who we really are.

I saw a series of experiences in my life, all teaching me
so much. And helping me to be the being that I am now.

Many difficult, painful moments and how when I
was living them, they were so hard…

But on the other side, I can see how much they served me.
How necessary they were for my growth and evolution.

And I felt like I figured it out. The purpose of life is
to grow!

Then this question mark re-appeared.

And I asked again:

What is the purpose of life?

It was like the next chapter of a book being revealed.
And I was shown many moments in my life where I
was happy, joyous and perfectly content with what is.

The next answer came.

“The purpose of life is to be happy”

I saw, how if that is all I focus on, how perfect my
life would be.

When being happy is what I prioritize most, I am led
down the path where I experience exactly what I want
and need.

And as long as I am happy, then that’s all that really matters.

I was shown so clearly that my JOY is my greatest
gift to the world. And if I really want to make this
world a better place, there is nothing more important
than being HAPPY.

And I felt like I got it!

I am just here to be happy!

Such a deep peace grew within me.

And the movie continued…

The question mark re-appeared.

What is the purpose of life?

“To share,” came the answer.

And I saw so clearly, how I am here to grow and
be happy, so that I can share this with the world.

So I can contribute and make a difference.

My growth and inner joy is the key to sharing
my gifts in the world. To make a difference.
And truly help people.

Because deep down, that’s all I want to do. I don’t
know why.  I just can’t help it. There is nothing
more important to me.

I was shown so clearly that the purpose of life is to share
and help people, in any way I can, in every moment…

This went on, showing me so many moments from
my past that were so deeply fulfilling.

And what is to come in the future for me.

Then the scene changed.

And the final answer was revealed.

This question mark burst. And behind it…

Was a massive, glowing golden-pink heart.

“To Love is the point of this all”

And instantly, it all made sense.

We are here to LOVE. Period. No matter what,
at the end of the day, all that matters is Love.

When we die, it’s the loved ones we have that
are by our side.

And I saw so clearly:

There is nothing more important than to Love.

To give love. To share love. To receive love.

And bring this love in the world, in any way we can.

By loving each and every person we meet.

THIS. Is the purpose of life.

And I was revealed the final piece for how to share
my love with the world…

Ever since that day, I have been more in alignment
with my purpose than I have ever been.

And it’s been the most amazing, beautiful journey of
love, growth, joy, sharing, and all these elements that
Mother Ayahuasca taught me through this ceremony.

Now, this is the foundation of all we do in the world.

Not only in my personal life, but through our
organization and our Ayahuasca retreats.

Nothing is more important to us than bringing
love into this world. And there is a feeling that we
share with this love, that is so rare and palpable…

So join us.

Come be a part of the love.

Let Mother Ayahuasca open your heart like she
has done for me and so many countless others.

If love is important to you… and you want more
love in your life, in any way, then come to one
of our retreats.

We are here for you.

To love you, exactly as you are.

And show you a whole new world that awaits you…

[To be continued..]

With infinite love beyond words,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

Like I said, I didn’t always know my purpose.

And to get to this point of truly discovering and living
my purpose…

Took something that I see very few people actually have.

I’ll tell you what that is – the key to discovering your
purpose, that goes beyond Mother Ayahuasca – in my
next email.

Speak to you soon!

So much love!!

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Video Training: The Secret to Manifestation

The secret to creating the life of our dreams
lays in our ability to RECEIVE.

In this video training, I share valuable lessons
which you can easily and immediately apply
into your life, to expand your capacity to
receive all that you really want in life.

(click the image below to watch the video)

I’ve taken the time to put as much value as I can
into this, so it is about 30 minutes long.

Grab a drink, sit back, take notes, and most
importantly, apply what I share with you

And you’ll see instant improvements in your life.

Enjoy the video!

With infinite love, so grateful to share this with you,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

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