What To Do When Life Is Hard

body>Life isn’t always easy.

Especially for my friend Noah, when
we went to live in the woods.

We had a small RV. Tiny. Really
meant for just me…

But he asked to come. He needed
healing too.

So, we went together.

But the journey wasn’t very pleasant
for him.

It was cold. We were in the mountains,
and although I had a bed, he chose to
sleep on the floor with a sleeping bag.

We woke up around 7am, and before
the sun rose, it was freezing.

He was going through a hard time
with his girlfriend.

And his business was really sucking
a lot of energy from him.

He was getting triggered by everything.

Everything seemed to bother him.

Little things I would say or do
annoyed him.

Wherever we were, he just seemed to
not enjoy himself.


What was happening for him?

There’s a phenomena called perturbation.

Which I learned about from one of my
teachers, many years ago.

In fact, we were both going through this,
which is why we were clearly in this

Life wasn’t any easier for me. That’s for sure.

The only thing that seemed to bring any
sense of peace, was sitting there with
my eyes closed…

So, perturbation

Just like carbon before it becomes a diamond,
it undergoes an immense amount of
pressure from everything around it.

And all of a sudden, it pops. And there is
a deep molecular shift…

The same thing happens to us as humans.

Before we are about to experience a huge
in our lives… it feels like the hardest,

heaviest, most difficult and intense
experience ever.

Before we pop, it feels like everything
around us is pushing on us, weighing
on us, and squeezing us, in a very
uncomfortable way.

This is what it was like for Noah, and
although he had such a hard time…

Something, very quickly inside of him…

Popped open.

And he was able to experience such
deep liberation,  joy, and love again.

He was able to stop seeing through the
eyes of misery, struggle and complaint,
and truly see life for the beauty it is.

Something happened to him, on a deep
cellular level.

And the pressure from all the difficulty
in his life was necessary for this shift
to happen.

For me, it didn’t happen so fast…

Noah was able to leave after 3 weeks,
having received the clarity he needed.

I needed 3 more months.

Living in the woods alone tested me,
challenged me and pushed me in
ways I wasn’t ready to face…

I’ll share more about that soon!

The point is –

When life is hard…

When life is nowhere close to easy…

Know, that you are on the verge of
a huge shift in your life.

The pressure from everything around
you is necessary, for the pop in your

And soon, there will be a deep,
irreversible change in the way that
you look at the world.

Mother Ayahuasca can help push you
over that edge to the change and
deep shift you are so close to.

Join us in Peru.

And see why life has been pushing
you in this direction.

It’s all here to teach you something.

And once you’re on the other side…

You can’t help but smile and give thanks
for life, and all that has happened, all
that has led you to this moment, and
all it is here to teach you…

We’ll speak again soon!

[To be continued..]

With infinite, endless, eternal love,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

In my last email, I was sharing about my
Astral Projection, and what I was shown
about my future…

I saw myself flying with huge silver wings,
descending into a massive crystal ball,
which the 3 Archangels led me to…

Inside of this crystal ball, I saw myself
holding up a platform, with many people
on top of it.

I lifted it…

Up towards a bright, glowing white light.

And we eventually dissolved.

“What does this mean?” I asked.

“We can’t tell you,” they replied…

And it was up to me to interpret…

What do you think it means?

We’ll speak soon!

Much love!!


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Mt Shasta & My Astral Projection

It’s July, 2012.

I just bought an RV, and I’m heading to
Mt. Shasta.

I’m going for my healing, because there is
more pain than I know what to do with…

I need time to heal, and learn about myself.

Why did I act the way I did…?

Why did I do these things, that hurt this
person I loved so much?

What was it about me, that made my wife
at the time, want a divorce so quickly…?

There was only one way I knew how to
get answers –

Connect with Mother Earth.

And remove all distractions

When I got to Mt. Shasta, I had this
overwhelming feeling like I needed
to stop and sit under a tree…

I’ve never felt anything like this before.

But when I did…

My consciousness was literally pulled
out of my body.

I saw these hands reaching for me, and
when I grabbed them, I was all of a
sudden able to look back at my body,
sitting there.

I traveled through the sky with a
mysterious being.

And soon approached these majestic gates.

They opened as I got closer…

There was a red carpet stretched in front
of me, and as I walked along it, there
were angels on both side, bowing.

“Why are you bowing?” I asked.

“Because you have more power than we do,”
they answered to my surprise.

“Not only are you connected to the Truth
of Who You Really Are… but you have a
body, which gives you more power to
create change on this planet than we do,”

they explained.

“If it were up to us, this planet would be
enlightened already,”
they continued.

I continued to walk.

At the end of the red carpet, there were
three beings standing there, looking like

They were the Archangels Michael,
Gabriel and Rafael.

They asked me:

“Do you want your wings?”

Yes,” I replied, excitedly.

And out came these huge, beautiful,
silver wings from my back.

“Come” they said.

And we flew…

Over the most beautiful, lush landscape
that reminded me of the floating islands
from the movie “Avatar.”

I flew at the head with them, and behind
us were hundreds of angels, following.

We eventually got to this massive golden
temple, the size of a city, which looked like
it was designed 1000 years in the future.

At the highest peak, in the middle, was a

We descended and passed through the
roof until we got into this huge room…

With a massive crystal ball, the size of
a house.

“Do you want to see your future?” they

“Yes,” I replied…

And I descended into the crystal ball…

What did I see?


I’ll have to continue this story, next time!

The point is –

There are lands, all over this world, that
have energy that no words can explain…

You simply need to experience the land
for yourself, to know how powerful they
truly are.

Mt. Shasta is one of those hotspots.

The energy and experiences that I had
there, no words can ever explain.

The Sacred Valley of Peru, where we
hold our Ayahuasca retreats, is known
as the Crown Chakra of the world.

Many sources say that the Crown Chakra
used to be in the Himalayas, which is
why there are so many Enlightened
who came from there.

And now, the Crown Chakra has moved
to the Sacred Valley of Peru.

I truly believe this, and there’s a reason
why we have the type of experience we
do, when we are there…

Such deep transformation comes just
from being in that land, regardless of
any plant medicine.

But when you combine the two –

And you hold conscious ceremony
with these Master Plant Teachers
like Ayahuasca and San Pedro…

This land, and these plants, will teach
you, serve you, support you, guide you,
and open you, in ways that no words
can ever fully express…

Again, all that I share, are just words

But they point to a Truth, that I invite
you to experience for yourself.

Come to Peru.

Experience this land for yourself.

And come find what you’ve been
searching for.

There’s a reason Mother Ayahuasca
has called you.

And there’s a reason, this opportunity
is now in front of you.

So join us.

And we look so forward to supporting
you on this journey, which is more
beautiful than words can ever describe!

[To be continued..]

With infinite love, always, in all ways,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

My friend Noah, who came with me on
this journey, had such a hard time…

And he left, very quickly.


What happened to him?

It’s something we can all learn from.

I’ll share more, soon!

Much love!!


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Off To The Woods!

It’s June, 2012.

I just got divorced, and I’m paralyzed by pain.

I didn’t know anything anymore.

Everything I thought I wanted, everything
I thought I knew… I now questioned.

The only thing I knew… was I needed healing.

At this point, I didn’t know much about

All I knew, is that I needed it.

And after reading “Iron John” by Robert Bly,
(which is a must-read for all men).

I prepared for my journey into the woods

I bought an RV and I started telling my
friends that I was leaving San Diego.

One friend, Noah, was going through a
hard time in his life as well.

He was also having a hard time in his
relationship, and when I shared with
him about this journey I’m going on…

He was really inspired.

He was excited for me, and I can tell there
was a part of him that wanted the same.

Time alone. Time in nature. Time to
reconnect with the Self, with no

(We all need this really…)

And then one day, he called me up.

“I want to come!” he said.

He shared a story with me, about how
the name “Trinity” popped up in his life,
and he knew it was a sign to join me.

“…Really?” I asked hesitantly.

“I know it won’t be easy, but I have to,”
he replied.

And this is a sign, of all great achievers.

The willingness to walk a path, even if
it isn’t easy… because we know it will
really serve us.

And walking with Mother Ayahuasca,
like I’ve said before, is not easy… and
that’s why we have to do it.

Because it’s especially the things that
might be hard, that we often need most.

I can tell Noah’s intentions were in the
right place, and he needed the support.

So I said yes, of course.

And off we went…!

To live in the woods, and do some deep
inner work.

The journey that unfolded was the most
beautiful, powerful and transformational
of my entire life, up until that point.

And I’m so excited to share more about
this beautiful journey with you!

… We’re going to Mt. Shasta!

Now, the point of today’s story is –

When you follow your heart, follow your truth,
and walk this path of inner transformation…

You inspire the people around you to do
the same.

As you do what is against the “norm,” yet,
you know you need to…

You all of a sudden give the people around
you permission, to also follow their hearts.

I see it around me, again and again.

Just by following my heart, and living my
Truth, as loudly as I do…

I inspire people, to also follow their Hearts.

And this.

Is one of the greatest gifts, you can give
the people around you.

Because after all…

We all want to live a life of joy and freedom.

We all want to follow our hearts, deep inside.

But so many of us are afraid.

And when you can stand above your fears,
stand above what people think of you, and
follow your heart

You inspire, empower, and encourage
everybody else around you, to do the same.

Without even speaking a word.

People notice.

Even if they don’t comment.

And deep inside, even if they say negative
or doubtful things to you…

They admire you.

For following your heart.

And doing what is important to you.

Remember this.

As you walk into the life you really
want to live.

You are helping the people around you,
in ways so deep, and so beyond words.

Thank you!

For walking this path with me!

We’ll speak again soon!

[To be continued..]

With infinite love, from the depths of my heart to yours,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

You ever heard of Mt. Shasta, in Northern

It’s known as the root chakra of the world.

And it’s a place, unlike any other…

It’s like an antenna, for higher dimensional
frequencies, to be channeled into our Earth.

The moment I got there, I had this overwhelming
feeling like I needed to sit and meditate.

And I had an instant Astral Projection.

I sat down by a tree, and my consciousness
was literally pulled out of my body…

What I saw…

I’ll tell you in my next email.

Much love!!


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What I Learned From My Failed Marriage…

In 2012, throughout my marriage that
lasted no more than 4 months…

I found out some very sad, and dark
things about myself.

Relationships, and the people we go the
deepest with, are the ones who bring
out the deepest shadows within us.

And at the time, I wasn’t ready to look
at them.

Like many people do, I blamed…

Instead of being able to look at myself,
and ask, “What is it within me that is
making me feel this way?”

I blamed everything around me.

I blamed her, my wife at the time,

I didn’t do this consciously though,
or even outwardly.

But deep inside, if I was unhappy or
upset, automatically, I thought it was
her fault.

I looked at the external circumstances,
and said it’s because of ____ or ____
that I feel this way.

I wasn’t able to look at myself.

I wasn’t able to see… that it was really
something inside of me, that made
me not feel good…

And I wasn’t able to own my emotions.

I didn’t take responsibility for how I felt.

It’s unfortunate that this is such a
common experience for us as humans.

But before we wake up…

This is a necessary part of our process
of liberation.

Unfortunately, some people, never stop
doing this.

They continue to blame, and point the
finger at everybody around them.

Do you do this?

An easy way to find out, is ask yourself:

“Who am I when I don’t get what I want?”

Really sit with this question.

And see, what patterns come out of you,
when you don’t get what you want.

Do you believe it is life, or the people
around you that make you feel the
way you do?

Do you argue with reality?

Or point the finger at anything around
you, like people or circumstances, for
making you feel the way you do?

I did…

And it’s what caused so much pain
and suffering, and eventually led my
marriage to fall apart.


Is my greatest lesson, from that
failed marriage.

I have to be willing to look at myself
and take RESPONSIBILITY for how
I feel.

And I learned, that absolutely every
emotion I feel… good and bad… is
up to me.

And once I understood that I am the
only one
in charge of how I feel…

Then when I would be unhappy, or
not feel good… I actually looked inside.

And I would ask, “what is it within me
that is making me feel this way?”

Because if you don’t feel good…

It is because there is an illusion that
you believe to be true.

Read that again.

It is so true, yet so simple…

And Mother Ayahuasca, revealed this
Truth to me.

More importantly, she showed me, not
only am I the one responsible for how
I feel in every moment…

But She taught me, and gave me the tools
to know how I can CHOOSE to be happy.

How, in any moment, especially if I
get triggered or upset…

How I can so quickly come back to a
state of peace and love.

This is something that is so hard to
teach, but I’m doing my best through
these emails…

But above all, this depth of understanding
is only possible once you have a direct
experience with the visions and teachings
from Mother Ayahuasca.

So I pray, if you are willing to look
at yourself…

If you are willing to take responsibility
for how you feel…

Then, come join us in Peru.

And let this life-changing sacrament show
you how you can CHOOSE to be happy,
in any moment.

Let her show you, so that you don’t just
get it from the mind…

But you get it, in every cell of your Being.

That you really can be happy, no matter
what is going on around you.

That’s all for today!

We’ll talk again soon!

[To be continued..]

With SO much love, empowering us to choose LOVE above all,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

After this terrible breakup, and seeing
these parts of myself…

I knew I needed healing.

I was able to see my pain, my shadows,
my darkness.

And I knew, I needed a big shift in my life.

So, I started to prepare…

For living in the woods by myself.

Which I knew, I had to do.

What happened next…

I’ll share with you soon!


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It’s June, 2012, and I’m on a beach
in San Diego.

It’s night time… dark, a little cold,
windy from the ocean breeze.

My wife at the time, asked me to go
for a walk, and we ended up on the
same beach we got married at.

I had no idea what was coming.

I knew we had some problems that
we were working through, but that
didn’t mean give up, right?

She sat me down.

And she stood there in front of me,
while I was sitting on the sand.

All of a sudden, she said it…

“I want a divorce.”

My heart stopped.

It skipped a beat. And completely
involuntarily, I started crying…

So loud…

I asked her, no, I begged her to

I told her she didn’t know what she
wanted, and that she just needed
more time…

Like it was a negotiation, I tried
to get her to change her mind.

Of course it didn’t work.

Nothing did.

My tears, my pleading…

My explanations… my promises…

Asking her what she wanted…

Nothing led her to change her mind.

Because she wasn’t meant to.

We were meant to get divorced.

And only after I started to really heal,
did I see, how necessary this experience
was for me.

I’ve never experienced so much pain
in my life.

I couldn’t do anything.

For days.

For weeks…

I couldn’t see people.

I could barely eat.

I was depressed, and nothing I did
helped me feel better.

During this period, I read a book
that my mentor recommended to me
called “Iron John” by Robert Bly.

(I highly recommend it for all men)

It speaks about how we have lost our
male role models in this day and age.

And tells the story about a boy, who
goes into the woods and learns
what it means to be a real man.

While reading this book, I got the
download that I needed to move to
the woods, and live there by myself.


I did.

And I ended up living in the woods
by myself for over 3 months.

What I experienced, all that I learned…

Was so life-changing, that it shifted
EVERYTHING in my life.

And I’m excited to share that story
with you soon!

But the point is –

We need pain.

It is the only thing that forces us to change.


Getting sick.

Losing a job, or money…

Unfortunately, we as human beings are
far too stubborn.

Unless we are FORCED to change, because
doing something HURTS too much…

We don’t.


Are you going to wait until life gets even
harder, before you make a change?

Or are you willing to say, “NOW!”

And step up and step forward into
creating the reality that you know
you want, so deep down inside.

Don’t wait.

Don’t wait for more pain, or more suffering.

Because one day, you will see that you
need to make a deep change in your life.

And I just pray, that you make that decision
now, rather than later.

Why suffer longer, if you are going to end
up at that same conclusion, anyway?

Do you really think going down the
same path, will lead you to where
you want to go?

Do you see yourself being truly happy
and fulfilled, by doing the same thing
you’re doing now?

Really look.

Where does the path you are on, lead you?

If you’re not happy with what that looks
like, come to one of our retreats.

Ayahuasca can be the “reset button”
that you need and want.

So you can have a fresh start, get
clarity on what you really want in
life, and actually take action on it.

We’ll speak again soon!

[To be continued..]

With SO much love, here for you more than you can even imagine,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

Why did my partner and I actually break up?

The greatest lesson that I received from
all that pain…

I’ll share with you in my next email.

Much love!!


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When I Got Married & Divorced in 4 Months…

It’s October 2011, and I just met the
woman of my dreams.

Our love, was like a fairytale to me.

So much laughter, play, adventure…

Romance, passion and all things that you
would imagine, in a beautiful love fairytale.

Within a month, I proposed. On 11-11-2011.

Yes, it was impulsive.

But I had to listen to my Heart.

My Heart told me to. It was so clear
that this was the next step I had to take.

And I had already learned at this point,
that everything my Heart tells me to do…

Is there for my greatest good.

Even if I don’t understand, it doesn’t
matter. I listen to my Heart.

And this is the key to living the most
beautiful and fulfilling life that I live.


In February, 2012, on Valentines Day,
we got married.

A beautiful beach-front marriage,
with close friends and family.

Celebrating our love and declaring
to the world, our union.

We both understood…

That, in this conscious relationship, we
aren’t promising to be with each other
“forever, until death do us part.”

Rather, we were declaring that we would
be together, for as long as we knew it
really served each of us as individuals.

(I thought that was going to be a lot
longer than 4 months though…)

Now, what happened next, was unlike
anything that I ever expected.

All of a sudden, because we were
“married” there were these expectations
that we had of each other.

It’s like, having this new title of being
“married” instantly changed everything.

There was a sense of control, ownership,
possession almost…

Deep unconsciousness arose.

And very quickly, the relationship
became very difficult.

I remember the day, she told me she
wanted a divorce…

And breaking out into wailing tears
of despair…

I’ve never felt so much pain in my

And I’ll continue the story from
there in my next email.

But the point is –

Relationships are here to be our
greatest teachers.

Especially intimate relationships.

Every single one of us has gone
through heartbreak…

And those wounds, almost 100%
of the time…

Are still unhealed.

Just because you’ve forgotten about it,
doesn’t mean it doesn’t effect you.

Most of the time, heartbreak teaches
us to simply close our hearts…

Which stops us from loving fully.

Stops us from receiving love.

Stops us from expressing our love, and
deeply connecting with another, again…


HAS to be healed.

Or else, it will lead to more painful experiences.

More heartbreak.

Because unless we heal the ROOT of our
suffering, we will continue to create
painful situations again and again…

That show us:

We NEED to heal.

Otherwise, we can get stuck in a reality,
where we create the same painful
experience, over and over again.

Especially in intimate relationships.

Have you noticed this at all?

The point is –

We’ve all had our hearts broken.

And one of Mother Ayahuasca’s greatest
gifts, is helping us heal from these
painful experiences.

So if this resonates with you, join us.

If you feel this type of healing is what
your heart yearns for, then Mother
Ayahuasca can be one of the greatest
gifts that you give to yourself.

We pray for you!

And we hope you follow your heart,
to experience the healing we all need.

[To be continued..]

With infinite love, here to open hearts all over the world,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

Don’t let your past relationships
go unhealed.

Whether that’s a relationship with
your Mother or Father…

(I’ll share more about mother/father
issues, and pains we carry from our
childhood, later on)

Or a relationship with a past lover….

We all have relationships that need

Join us.

We’re here for you.


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Video After a Life Changing Ayahuasca Ceremony

By sharing my story of all the pain and
hardship that I’ve gone through…

I want to show you the other side, of the
love and BLISS that is available, when we
let this life-changing medicine help us.

Enjoy this video that I share, so deeply
from my heart, after one of the most amazing
Ayahuasca ceremonies of my life:

(click the image below to watch the video)

My heart is BURSTING with love as Mother
Ayahuasca just FILLED me with the most
profound teachings, which I so excitedly
share in this video.


With SO much love, SO grateful for this life-changing medicine,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

Life is this beautiful balance of “good
and bad”. Pain and pleasure…

The immense love and deep peace I have
in my heart is only there because I’ve let
my pain lead me to my healing.

We don’t have to suffer.

We don’t have to struggle.

We don’t have to hold on to the past.

I share my story – the love and the sadness –
because it’s what we all go through…

And I pray my next story, about my
marriage and divorce, and all the pain
that brought me…

Inspires you to move forward in your
life, to see that you don’t have to suffer
any more.

We’ll speak again soon!

[To be continued..]


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I Didn’t Know I Had So Much Pain…

“Your bucket will be your best friend,” he said.

“Keep it close, and make sure you don’t kick it
over, if you get up to use the bathroom”

“Nothing is worse than having someone
else’s purge, spill all over you,”
said the Shaman.

The room full of people, ready for their
ceremony, laughed.

And so began, my second ceremony.

I didn’t know I had so much pain…

I remember in the middle of the ceremony,
purging, shaking, convulsing, letting go
of what felt like energetic chains of bondage,
into my bucket…

I held it close. Hugged it, and made sure it
was right in front of me, throughout my
entire ceremony.

I even remember laughing, hearing the
Shaman’s words echo in my consciousness.

“Your bucket will be your best friend”…

Man, did I love and appreciate that bucket.

I didn’t know how Ayahuasca worked…

How this medicine, and sacred plant
Teacher from the Amazon, can help
me release so deeply, such dark pain
and sadness within my heart and soul…

All I knew, is that it did.

And after every ceremony, no matter
how hard it was, I felt lighter, more clear,
more free, peaceful, and more… ME.

More of Who I Really Am.

And I could feel so deeply, like a layer
of sludge, being removed from my
energetic body.

What was happening to me, was so far
beyond any mental comprehension.

I even remember Mother Ayahuasca
telling me, when I tried to “figure out”
what was happening.

“Don’t try to understand,” She said.

And honestly, nothing can ever show you
what an Ayahuasca ceremony is like…

Other than your own experience.

Everything I share, is just words…

Which point to the experience. But
of course, will never demonstrate
what an Ayahausca ceremony is
actually like, until you experience
it for yourself.

Trying to speak about my ceremony,
is like trying to put the ocean in a
water bottle.

No words, can ever do the job.

But what I can tell you –

Is that each ceremony I’ve ever had,
reveals to me…

Things that I didn’t even know, were
effecting me. Which were holding me
back and caused suffering, in some
way or another.

I get to see unsconsiousness, that, as
the word suggests, is something we
aren’t conscious of.

For example, in my second ceremony,
it showed me a painful experience
from my past, that tainted how I
looked at the world…

And even though I thought I was healed
from that experience, because I no longer
thought about it…

It didn’t mean, that I was fully healed
from it.

What am I talking about?

In 2012, I was married.

And divorced, within 4 months.

My heart was shattered. Everything that
I thought I believed about love, vanished
in an instant.

The woman I thought I was going to be with
for the rest of my life, left me.


That’s a story I’ll share in my next email.

But the point is –

Mother Ayahuasca is here to show us,
what we need to heal.

Because the things that you and I
need to heal most…

We aren’t even aware of.

Maybe you can see certain patterns
in your life, like anger, resentment,
addictions, anxiety or depression…

Maybe a lack of direction, feeling lost
or stuck in life…

The ROOT of these pains, lay in your

Meaning, the reason you may feel
such negative emotions, is attached
to a memory, a wound, a traumatic
experience from your past…

That, you have very likely forgotten

And this blessed sacrament, will help
you to SEE the root of your pain…

So that you can finally heal it, and
let it go.

When you do that, it automatically
shifts the quality of your life today.

Does this make sense?

You heal your past, and your present
becomes infinitely better.

It’s all connected.

And Mother Ayahuasca helps you
see, which experiences from your
past need healing.

This is why this medicine is so

And why I invite you to join us in Peru,
if you are ready to go inside and let go
of the root pains, that cause suffering
in your life today.

Nothing is more valuable, if you really
want to shift the quality of your life…

That’s all for today!

Speak to you again soon!

[To be continued..]

With infinite love, here for you and your deepest healing,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

Everything that has ever happened in your
life, has led you to this moment.

All your pain, has led you to this path.

And every difficult experience in your
life, is here to be your teacher.

A gift, that, when you look at it, with
these new eyes that Mother Ayahuasca
gives you…

Will be something that you can not
help but be grateful for.

The shift starts, by understanding…

Your pain is your teacher.

And it’s led you to Mother Ayahuasca.

And Mother Ayahuasca, will lead you
to a life more beautiful, than anything
you could even imagine…

Join us.

We are here for you, in every way.

Much love!!


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My First Ayahuasca Ceremony

I remember it like it was yesterday.

It was on one of the most intense nights
of my entire life.

It was March 2013, on a dark night…

I arrived at the home of a local shaman
in Peru.

He gave “the talk” on what to expect with
Ayahuasca, how to get the most out of my
ceremony, and he asked:

“Who here is sitting with Ayahuasca for
the first time?”

I raised my hand, as others raised theirs
around me.

“Wow, this is really happening,” I thought.

Nervous, yet extremely excited, not knowing
really how to feel, I made my way into the
Ceremony temple.

We sat in a circle, got our buckets and
our blankets, and one by one, went up
to receive a cup of this potent, powerful,
life-changing tea.

The lights dimmed.

The room went still.

And then, like popcorn, I could hear
people around the temple starting to
purge into their buckets.

And it hit me.

I started to get these colorful visions,
that I didn’t know how to make sense of.

Of course, I didn’t try to make sense of
them, as I entered a space of no-mind,

I felt this energy moving inside of me,
like a snake, slithering around…

It was the Spirit of Ayahuasca.

I watched her, and I could see her go
into places inside my mind, inside my
heart, inside my soul…

And break them open. Tear them apart.

There was this sensation almost like
an explosion going off inside of me.

And “the purge” began.

I vomited, purged, released and cried…

I saw experiences from my life I had
long forgotten about…

I witnessed scenes of my life, like
a movie playing in front of me.

And things that once pained me so
deeply to just think about, seemed to
instantly resolve and heal themselves,
as I watched it, from this birds-eye

I saw my first girlfriend, and how I
sadly cheated on her…

I saw my mind’s need for more…

I saw my parents getting divorced…
and my difficult childhood…

Experience after experience, they
played before me.

And I continued to purge, simultaneously,
as I saw these painful memories re-emerge.

I went between crying, vomiting, and
curling into a ball in fetal position…
and this continued for hours.

Until eventually, the worst of it was over…

And I could see the light at the end
of the tunnel.

I was filled with this somewhat euphoria.

A new-found sense of “lightness”, like
I just took off a 100 pound backpack of
rocks that I didn’t even know I was carrying.

And a smile crept on my face.

I started to laugh, at the journey I just
went through…

I could see – I knew – how powerful what
I experienced was.

And I knew, in that moment, I am here
to share this medicine with the world.

I have never experienced anything that
has helped me so deeply, so quickly.

And I knew, the world, and people
NEED this.


Is why I share this medicine.

Because, coming from the Western
World like we do…

So driven by the need to make money,
and the backwards value system our
society teaches…

We NEED this.

It’s as simple as that.

We need healing.

We need to heal our minds, and let go
of the emotional traumas and wounds
that we all have.

We need to wake up, to our true purpose
in this world… which is about so much
more than just “making money”.

So, come to Peru.

Come find the answers you’ve been
searching for…

Let us help you.

We are here for you, more than any
other Ayahuasca retreat center is.

We promise you that.

There is nothing more important to us, than
your deepest healing and transformation.

Which is why we provide ongoing support,
even after your retreat with us.

Click here to learn more, watch the video
at the top of that page, and apply today.

Much love!!

Talk to you soon!

[To be continued..]

With SO much love, here for you in every way,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

My second ceremony… was no easier.

This journey isn’t easy.

I won’t ever tell you that.

But it’s worth it. Beyond words.

And anything that is ever really worth it,
isn’t easy…

So I’ll share with you more about my
second ceremony, in my next email.

And pray that my story, inspires you to
take this leap for yourself.

Talk soon!!


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How You Create Your Reality

It’s February of 2013.

I was telling a friend a story, about
when I hitchhiked from Nicaragua
to the United States.

(That’s like from Florida to Washington)

One of the most transformational
experiences of my life, to date.

Why I did it, what it was like,
what I learned…

She quickly responded by saying,
“I can’t do that, I’m a girl”

But at the core of why I did what
I did…

Was to test out the Universal Truth…

That we truly create our own reality,
through how we feel.

(I’ll go into this much more, over
our journey together)

Because I was taught, that “negative
experiences” can only happen to us
if we create them, internally, and

In other words, if you feel fear,
anger, jealousy or any negative
emotions, you create negative

If you feel joy, gratitude, love, and
positive emotions, you create
positive experiences.

That’s the most basic form of
the Law of Attraction, which
indeed is Universal Truth.

But she really listened to what
I shared with her…

And she was willing to test out
this new belief with me.

So, we went on a little hitchhiking
adventure together.

From Guatemala to Costa Rica.

And one day…

While we were in the back of a truck,
she was singing a medicine song
to me.

A song used in Ayahuasca ceremonies.

And I had the most profound visions…

I saw, Mother Ayahuasca, coming to
me, speaking to me, holding me,
calling me…

And in that instant, I KNEW –

I had to go to Peru.

It was an unshakable knowingness.

And there was no doubt in my mind
that Peru, was where I needed to be.

So, I bought a one way ticket to Peru,
as soon as I could.

And not too long after, I had my
first ceremony, which changed my
life forever…

But the point is –

There was an INSTANT.

When I knew, I needed to go.

I didn’t have much money.

I didn’t know what I was going to

But Mother Ayahuasca called me.

And I had to listen.

So, pay attention… if this medicine,
this sacred sacrament, is calling you.

Don’t question how, or why…

But listen. Unconditionally.

And the gifts that She showers you
with, will show you, you are on the
right path.

I’ll talk to you again soon!

[To be continued..]

With SO much love, so grateful to share my story,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

The friend I hitchhiked with, had
such a profound experience, which
was so eye-opening for her…

She continued to hitchhike around
Costa Rica by herself.

The point is –

YOU create your reality.

Don’t believe in fear or lack…

Don’t believe in other people’s
limited thinking…

Simply KNOW, you can create any
experience that is important to you.

If your heart calls you to do something…


THIS is the secret, to your most
beautiful and fulfilling life EVER.


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